The Aero Range

The stunning Aero filler caps are suitable for fuel, oil, water and any other liquid you care to mention for the smallest or largest vehicle. They can be supplied with an assortment of flanges, flange necks and weld-on-necks. The flange/neck type is designed to connect with a suitable hose to a remote tank. All Aero filler caps are shut by means of a lever and every flanged filler cap has available a fixing ring that can be employed should access to the rear of the panel or inside the tank be restricted.

The Aero Range is available is five sizes

AERO 200

O/D - 80mm PCD - 63.5mm
Refueling Hole - 35.3mm.

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Aero 300

O/D - 94mm PCD - 72.6mm
Refueling Hole - 44.5mm.

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Aero 400

O/D - 120mm PCD - 101.6mm
Refueling Hole - 58mm.

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Aero 500

O/D - 140mm PCD - 120.6mm
Refueling Hole - 77mm.

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Aero 600

O/D - 126mm PCD - 107.9mm
Refueling Hole - 77mm.

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The Aero range includes a number of different fixing arrangements.

The standard finish is Silver or Black. Alternative colours can be arranged by special order.

Tank Mount

(To fit directly onto tank)

Remote Mount

(To fit onto car bodywork and attach to tank via a suitable refuelling hose)

Weld-On Neck

(To weld directly onto aluminium tank)

Composite Flange

(To fit directly onto tank)

Centre Cap Only

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