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Aero Range

In what is probably the world's largest range of tank caps will be found a product suitable for the smallest or largest vehicles - and all those in between! Aero filler caps are suitable for fuel, oil, water and any other liquid you care to mention.

The Aero Range is available in five sizes:

Range O/D PCD Refuelling Hole
Aero 200 80mm 63.5mm 35.3mm
Aero 300 94mm 76.2mm 44.5mm
Aero 400 120mm 101.6mm 58.0mm
Aero 600 126mm 107.9mm 77.0mm
Aero 500 140mm 120.6mm 77.0mm


The Aeros can be supplied with an assortment of flanges, flange necks and weld-on-necks. The flange/neck type is designed to connect with a suitable hose to a remote tank. All Aero filler caps are shut by means of a lever and every flanged filler cap has available a fixing ring that can be employed should access to the rear of the panel or inside the tank be restricted.


The operation of Aero filler caps follows best aircraft practice. To release the filler cap the lever is lifted and turned. To replace and secure the filler cap return the lever to the closed position and snap shut. Aero filler caps fitted with the locks can be left unlocked if required.

All locking products are supplied with the two matching keys. We can supply spare keys for all Aero filler caps that have the lock number stamped on the head of the lock.

Warning - Copies!

A number of people like our Aero cap design so much that they have copied it. There are several of these copies of Newton Equipment Aero caps on the market. These copies are not made from the same quality materials that Newton Equipment Aero caps are made from and are not subjected to the same level of safety and quality checks that Newton Equipment Aero caps must comply to. Don't settle for a second rate copy, only an original Newton Equipment Aero cap is finished to, and perform to the high standards for which we are justly famous.

Founded in 1978 we design & manufacture a range of world class
tank filler caps. Our products are exported worldwide and we continue to develop a reputation for outstanding quality and craftmanship.
We are a quality assured company holding the latest ISO 9001
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