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The Aero Range

The Aero range is the first choice among designers and installers for every type of vehicle for land, sea and air in every part of the world

Der Aero Reihen ist die erste Wahl unter den Planern und Installateuren für jede Art von Fahrzeug für Land, See und Luft in jedem Teil der Welt

L'Aero gamme est le premier choix des concepteurs et des installateurs pour chaque type de véhicule terrestre, maritime et aérien dans chaque partie du monde

El Aero alcance es la primera opción entre los diseñadores e instaladores de todo tipo de vehículos de tierra, mar y aire, en todas partes del mundo

无论是用在任何陆地,海洋,或天空上的交通工具上, Aero系列都是每个设计师和组装工程师的首选.

L'Aero gamma è la prima scelta tra i progettisti e installatori per ogni tipo di veicolo per terra, mare e aria in ogni parte del mondo

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The Classic Range

The Classic Range combines the unique style of a bygone age with the technological advances, materials and functional expectations of today.

Die Classic Range kombiniert die einzigartigen Stil einer vergangenen Epoche mit den technologischen Fortschritten, Materialien und funktionellen Erwartungen von heute.

La gamme classique combine le style unique d'une époque révolue avec les progrès technologiques, les matériaux et les attentes fonctionnelles d'aujourd'hui.

La gama Classic combina el estilo único de una época pasada con los avances tecnológicos, los materiales y las expectativas funcionales de hoy.


La Range Classic combina lo stile unico di un tempo passato con i progressi tecnologici, i materiali e le aspettative funzionali di oggi.

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The Zero Range

The Zero range of filler caps have been designed to take advantage of the latest automotive technology.

Die Zero Reihe von Tankdeckel wurden entwickelt, um die Vorteile der neuesten Automobil-Technologie zu nutzen.

La gamme Zéro de bouchons ont été conçus pour tirer parti de la toute dernière technologie automobile.

La gama Zero de tapones ha sido diseñada para aprovechar la última tecnología automotriz.


La gamma Zero di tappi di riempimento sono stati progettati per sfruttare l'ultima tecnologia automobilistica.

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The QuickFill Range

The Quick Fill range helps eradicate lost time and to increase speed. Each component is designed to assist rapid, reliable re-fuelling of vehicles.

Die Quick-Fill Bereich einen Beitrag zur Ausmerzung verlorene Zeit und die Geschwindigkeit zu erhöhen.Jede Komponente wurde entwickelt, um eine schnelle, zuverlässige Betankung der Fahrzeuge zu unterstützen.

La gamme Quick Fill contribue à l'éradication temps perdu et pour augmenter la vitesse.Chaque composant est conçu pour aider les rapides, le ravitaillement fiable de véhicules.

El rango de llenado rápido le ayuda a erradicar el tiempo perdido y para aumentar la velocidad. Cada componente está diseñado para ayudar a la rápida, repostaje fiable de los vehículos.


La gamma di riempimento rapido contribuisce a sradicare il tempo perduto e per aumentare la velocità. Ogni componente è stato progettato per aiutare rapido, affidabile rifornimento di carburante dei veicoli.

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The SuperBike Range

The very popular Super Bike range is made from solid billet aircraft aluminium and has a locking facility to make any bike standout.

Das sehr beliebte Super Bike Bereich wird aus massivem Billet Flugzeug-Aluminium gefertigt und verfügt über eine Verriegelung Möglichkeit, jede Fahrrad Herausragendes zu machen.

La gamme très populaire Super Bike est fait à partir de billettes d'aluminium solide de l'avion et a également un laboratoire de verrouillage de faire tout hors concours de vélos.

La gama Super Bike muy popular está hecho de aluminio de los aviones billet sólido y tiene una instalación de bloqueo para hacer cualquier destacado bicicleta.


Il molto popolare gamma Super Bike è realizzato dal pieno in alluminio aeronautico billet ed ha una funzione di bloccaggio per fare qualsiasi standout moto.

Example Frame


Our long year of experience with aluminium and stainless steel has taught us many valuable lessons that are built into our products. It is not enough simply to specify a suitable grade of materials on a drawing, constant checks must be made on the material and the supplier must fully understand the end use. All materials we use are fully traceable so as to ensure that our customers get the best possible product, which, provided it is kept clean and serviced, should last longer than the vehicle on which it is installed.


Most of our parts are made from aluminium alloy either forgings or solid billets. The materials being 6082 or 6262. The listing of these materials tells only part of the story because the international specifications allow for significant variations in the composition of the material used for billets. Unfortunately these variations in chemical composition do not show themselves until the parts are anodised, that is when all the machining and pre-anodise operations are complete. We discussed our problems with many aluminium mills only to be told that they supplied material to international specifications. Our quality records told us there was one mill, who supplied material that never gave problems so we approached them. They listened carefully to the stories of our problems, convinced us that they fully understood the problem and promised that they had a solution. They have kept their promise so, in our opinion that makes them the best. The company is called Eural Knutti and they are based in Brescia , Italy .

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel we use for the levers fitted the Aero 200, 300, and 500 is the same material as is used by the medical profession for hip joint. Simply the best stainless steel that can be bought.


One of the most common plastic materials used for fuel systems was nylon but the change in gasoline formulations meant that this material is no longer suited to use with the latest fuels. We now use a special grade of acetal, jointly developed by Mercedes Benz and Celanese. This material resists all known fuels, even the latest types developed under the sustainable fuels programme.

Founded in 1978 we design & manufacture a range of world class
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