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AERO 300. MODEL A36NS2 - A36NL2

Product Description : Aero 300 Filler Cap, 6 Bolt Flange - 2 Diameter Neck (58/52 mm)


Options Standards No-Lock (S) or Locking (L)

Fixing Arrangement 6 Bolts


Applications Fuel, Oil & Water Tanks


Centre-Forging: Aluminium Alloy 6082

Flange/Neck: Aluminium Alloy 6082/T6

Finish Anodised Clear (Silver)

Option: Black



(No Lock) 232.5g

(Locking) 251.5 gl



Outside Diameter A 94.0 mm Flange Neck Options

Centre Diameter B 58.4 mm A36NS/L2LF (6 Bolt, lead free)

Bolt Circle Dia. (PCD) C 76.2 mm A36NS/L38 (6 Bolt, 38mm flange neck)

Bore 44.5 mm A36NL2K (6 Bolt, lock, with chain)

Spigot 62.4 mm A36NL2KV (6 Bolt, lock, with chain & vent)

Body Diameter 58.0 mm A36NL2V (6 Bolt, lock, vented)

Neck Diameter 58.0/52.0 mm

Overall Depth I 62.5 mm


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Aero 300 Range
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